Our Swiss based partner Swiss Turbines AG has a new website, now presenting the current gas turbine product developments SP75 und SP7e. For both concepts aero_designworks took responsibility for the aerodynamic and thermodynamic design.

The German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V., abbr. DLR) and AeroDesignWorks GmbH have sealed and strengthened their strategic cooperation. We are looking forward to continue the collaboration with our colleagues from science and research in the next years.

AeroDesignWorks GmbH is now shareholder in the newly founded Swiss Turbines AG.
The company is established to market light and highly efficient small scale turboshaft engines e.g. for propulsion systems in UAV applications.

aero_designworks will present 3 conference papers at ASME 2014 conference in Düsseldorf, Germany:

Two associated papers deal with the cycle layout and component design of a small turbo-shaft engine to power unmanned aerial vehicle:

Cycle studies and compressor design GT2014-26368:
Towards a Highly Efficient Small Scale Turboshaft Engine.
Part I:  Engine Concept and Compressor Design
Kröger, G. et. al.
Presentation: Session 45-3 MDAO-Engine Optimization and Geometry Approaches,
Thursday, June 19th, 08:00 AM


Turbine stages automated optimization GT2014-26320:
Towards a Highly Efficient Small Scale Turboshaft Engine.
Part II:  Aero-Mechanical Turbine Design and Optimization
Siller, U. et. al.
Presentation: Session 45-3 MDAO-Engine Optimization and Geometry Approaches,
Thursday, June 19th, 08:30 AM


Publication about the aerodynamic rotor design of a small scale wind turbine by use of automated 3D-optimization:

Aerodynamic Design and Optimization of a Small Scale Wind Turbine
Kröger, G. et. al.
Presentation: Session 45-2 MDAO-Turbine-LPT and steam,
Tuesday, June 17th, 08:00 AM


aero_designworks gets a new noticeable and unified website. Visitors obtain a concisely overview of our competence and engineering services. The design company Designbüro Köln was in charge of the website's new look and functionality. Due to aero_designworks progressive expansion on the international market, the website is now viewable in German and English language.

aero_designworks joins the Research Association for Combustion Engines (FVV). The worldwide unique network for automotive engine and gas turbines research was established in the mid-1950s in Germany. The FVV has become a leading platform for joint research projects for the exchange between industry and science. To further improve efficiency and to minimize emissions of automotive engines and gas turbines the FVV supports the pre-competitive research.

aero_designworks strengthens its project engineering with the employment of a junior engineer. Likewise, the development of in-house tools for geometry generation and analysis processes can steadily progress.

aero_designworks moved into a new office in the district Rodenkirchen in Cologne. The new premises allow further corporate growth und offer a adequate working environment by a separated server room and powerful IT infrastructure. Futhermore, for our visitors and employees the location is easily accessible by public transport.

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New address and call number:

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