• V-shape static mixer: Total pressure contours of two mixing components

  • Complex mixer geometry: The CFD mesh is constructed with about 23 million elements and resolves the flow down to the boundary layers.

Assessment of a V-shape mixer at high mass flow rates concerning blending and total pressure loss. The meshing of the complex sheet package and the resolution down to the boundary layer requires a remarkable huge CFD model.


  • Engine intake: Mach number contours in the S1 plane

  • Mach number contours in the S2 plane

  • High quality structured meshing up to farfield distance

  • Global installation situation (canopy removed)

Design of an aerodynamic robust and low loss engine intake for UAV helicopter applications. The complex freeform design is developed in a CAD system and is then meshed with fully structured blocks of intake, canopy and farfield. CFD simulations of the flight conditions hovering, max. forward flight and crosswind are carried out. The results are evaluated for further design optimizations to improve losses and flow control. Impacts on compressor performance due to inlet distortions are also assessed in a steady simulation.


  • Exhaust duct: Design of a complex flow geometry for small installation spaces

  • Automated blockstructured meshing

  • Optimized flow deceleration and pressure rise

Exhaust duct design for a small scale turboshaft engine. The challenging task is to design a low loss diffusor, which is splitted into two exits and bends around 90 degrees. The highly adaptable geometry generation is fully parameter based in aero_designworks design environment.