• Axial compressor: Design and optimization of a three-stage compressor

  • Completely parameter based geometry generation

  • Shock system at the first stage rotor in working point conditions

  • Assessment of aeroelasticity: flutter stability analysis of rotor geometry

  • Speedlines in the performance map

Design from scratch and optimization of a three-stage compressor (total pressure ratio 6.2) with two axial and one diagonal stage for small scale turboshaft engines in the 80kW class. Basic thermodynamic considerations and parameter studies are carried out to evaluate different compressor concepts. For the application, a three stage compressor consisting of two axial and one diagonal stage is chosen. This concepts represents a reasonable compromise for the lowest SFC at design and off-design conditions but also requires a sophisticated design process due to the multistage configuration. The design and optimization process is conducted with a combined aerodynamic and mechanical optimization for the compressor stages at multiple operating points. Finally, the chosen blade geometry is assessed concerning the aeroelasticity in a flutter-analysis.