• Axial turbine: Design and optimization of a two-stage axial turbine for turboshaft applications

  • Combined optimization of the two stages with an overall number of 150 free design parameters

  • Performance map of the high pressure stage

  • Inclusion of structural mechanics and dynamics during the optimization

A two-stage axial turbine for a 80kW turboshaft engine is designed from scratch and optimized. Both, the high and low pressure stages are optimized in one combined setup to include stage interaction. The 3D blade generation process for the two stages requires an overall number of 150 free design parameters to be handled during the optimization. The numerical evaluation of members in the optimization uses a process considering aerodynamics as well as static and dynamic (Campbell diagram) machanics. Overall the project illustrates a highly complex optimization that is successful both in final results and with respect to industry competitive timeframe and given computing capacity. Well adapted design and analysis processes play a key role in this challanging task.