2010 ASME Siller Bladestresses
Conference paper ASME GT2010-22792, Glasgow, UK
U. Siller, C. Voß
Year of publication: 2010


In this paper a complex optimization of a highly loaded low pressure compressor is discussed. The optimization approach was ambitious due to the highly twisted rotor blade requiring a coupled consideration of aerodynamics and structural machanics.

Therefore the optimization covers structural stress and frequency analysis in the Campbell diagram along with several aerodynamic operating points on different speedline characteristics. Multiple objectives, more than 100 free parameters and a very complex process chain with detailed 3D-CFD and FE simulations are efficiently handled by the fast response surface method.

The resulting final blade design successfully passed a set of even more detailed analyses and qualified for a rest rig without further modification. The measurements are carried out early 2012 at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne.


2010 ASME Siller Mesh