2014 ASME Kroeger Compressor Design

Conference paper ASME GT2014-26368, Düsseldorf, Germany
G. Kröger, U. Siller, T. Moser, S. Hediger
Year of publication: 2014


The emerging maket for UAV helicopter propulsion systems in the 40-100kW class faces a lack of reliable and SFC optimized turboshaft engines. This publication is divided into two papers and presents the design process of a turboshaft engine from scratch with a power output of 80kW.

The first part deals with basic thermodynamic considerations and parameter studies to evaluate different compressor concepts. For the application, a three stage compressor consisting of two axial and one diagonal stage is chosen. This concepts represents a reasonable compromise for the lowest SFC at design and off-design conditions but also requires a sophisticated design process due to the multistage configuration. The design and optimization process is carried out with a combined aerodynamic and mechanical optimization for the compressor stages at multiple operating points. Finally, the chosen blade geometry is assessed concerning the aeroelasticity in a flutter-analysis.

A rig-test of the compressor as well as a prototype test of the engine are scheduled for 2014.


2014 ASME Kroeger Compressor Design Flutter Analysis