B140F ClubSport

Published on: 8. March 2022

B140F ClubSport

For the start of the new flying season we have a real novelty for you:

The B140F ClubSport is introduced by us!

It is the brushless version of the B140F and has thanks to your brushless pump a fabulous acceleration! (within 2.1 seconds to full speed!)

The regulation of the control electronics was optimized especially for the brushless pump and during the flight the dynamic and exact spray supply provides a very precise control!

Another advantage is the very short start phase, which is possible because no calibration of the turbine is required.

The B140F ClubSport has been on the market since December and costs € 2,549. Of course, it can also be operated with kerosene, petroleum or premium diesel, each with 5% fully synthetic 2-stroke oil, just like our other turbines.

Consumption is about 480 ml/min @ 140 N, as with the B140F. The weight of the turbine has not changed at about 1,240 g. Only the pump weighs 75 g, 11 grams more than the pump of the normal B140F turbine (64 g).

Our test pilots were and the first customers are impressed and you will surely be too!

In thrust we trust!
Your team from AeroDesignWorks

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